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Camping literally means setting up camp. But today, things have evolved and there are many types of accommodation, for all needs and for all budgets. Do you want to enjoy a camping holiday and have enough space for your large family? Do you want to move around easily? Do you want to create a break with everyday life? Discover the different types of camping accommodation.


The tent – ​​traditional accommodation


The tent is traditionally inseparable from traditional camping. It consists of a rigid frame covered with fabric. Easy to transport, the tent allows you to sleep outdoors and closer to nature. For the success of the holidays, it is important to choose the right tent according to the intended use, the land surveyed, the number of users and the climatic conditions:

  • The elongated tunnel tent is mainly used for hiking or trekking. It resists wind and rain and is easily installed on a campsite.
  • The tarp tent is a kind of stretched single-wall tarp. Very light, it clings to pikes or trees. It has the advantage of being easily transportable, but less resistant to wind and rain. The tarp tent is used for quick hikes and bivouacs.
  • The igloo tent easily recognizable by its dome shape and the most used tent. Freestanding and easy to set up, this versatile tent is weather resistant. It is suitable for all types of camping.
  • The geodesic tent is an upgraded dome tent. Its length is equipped with several arches that intersect, ensuring its great stability and resistance. This tent can accommodate up to 10 people and is used when camping in harsh conditions.
  • The Canadian tent is distinguished by its triangular roof. It is suitable for group camping and offers a cabin that is both spacious and comfortable.


The caravan for more space and comfort


Most holidaymakers wanting a camping holiday confuse the caravan with the motorhome. The caravan is used to designate a converted vehicle, not motorized, but towed by another car. The towing vehicle and the caravan form a team. Before choosing the caravan, it is necessary to take into account the towing vehicle, more precisely the maximum towable load (indicated in the circulation permit for the car). In order to facilitate the driving of the coupling, it is advisable to remain 200 kg below the maximum authorized load. It is also important to take into account the driver’s driving license. Very often, the BE permit is mandatory. Indeed, the caravan is very appreciated by the fact that it allows to take the road according to the desires. However, it should not be forgotten that it must be installed in a dedicated parking space such as in campgrounds or leisure parks.


The motorhome to keep the comfort of a home


The motorhome is an autonomous vehicle. Unlike the caravan, the motorhome does not need an additional towing vehicle. It is very popular with vacationers who want to discover the world differently while keeping the comfort of a home. There are different models of motorhomes, ranging from the most classic to the most upscale. Here are the best known:

  • The overcab which has a sleeping cabin above the driving position. This motorhome is very popular with large families because it offers more space.
  • The profile whose cabin at the front is integrated into the living cell. The front seats can swivel to provide additional seating space in the living room.
  • The integral, a luxurious and spacious motorhome. It is a great choice for regular travelers and families looking to go on vacation.


The mobile home to find the advantages of a house while remaining in contact with nature


Today, the mobile home is considered the best compromise between hotel stays and outdoor holidays. It is a transportable leisure residence that is built on a towable frame. The mobile home consists of a living room, a small kitchen, a bathroom, several bedrooms and a covered terrace. In a very comfortable mobile home, like the one offered by the Le Bellevue campsite, the camping spirit is maintained. What makes the difference is that you will enjoy comfort comparable to a hotel room. On the price side, the proposed rate is also advantageous. It varies according to the standing and the number of people.


The chalet – the most comfortable accommodation on campsites


The chalet is a wooden or stone construction. It is located in the middle of nature in a residential leisure park or in a campsite. Compared to other accommodation solutions, the chalet is the most comfortable. It is also distinguished by its large capacity. Le Bellevue campsite offers chalets adapted to all needs. You will find luxury chalets with great comfort, equipped with three bedrooms and accommodating up to six people. In addition to the chalet and the mobile home, there are also the bungalows. They are not transportable, however, they can be dismantled. The bungalow offers optimal comfort and consists of the living areas as well as a small veranda. It is also an excellent choice for a quiet family vacation.


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