How to occupy the children on a camping holiday?

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Children tend to get bored quickly when they go on vacation. They always want to try new things. Yet most parents can’t keep up. Are you part of it? Here are some practical tips to keep the children occupied during their stay at the campsite.


Favor campsites with a children’s club

This is the first criterion to consider when choosing a campsite for your family vacation. It is indeed a space specially designed to occupy children. Depending on their age, the children are divided into different groups.

The baby club for toddlers

It is aimed at babies from 3 months to 3 years old. The baby club is led by professionals trained in early childhood professions. All the activities offered there promote motor, sensory, intellectual and social development. They will then participate in entertainment such as motor skills courses, readings of tales and stories, walks, baby gym sessions as well as nursery rhymes and musical awakening…

The children’s club for children from 3 to 6 years old

This is the age when children are most active. They need discovery and it is precisely for this reason that the animators mainly offer activities aimed at boosting motor development. The entertainment will also stimulate their imagination while allowing them to learn more about the collective world. Pool or beach, dancing and group entertainment are usually on the agenda at the kids’ club. They will also participate in creative workshops: reading and music, drawing and coloring, costume design, etc.

The children’s club reserved for children from 6 to 12 years old

Discovering new things, more interaction with others to have a social life and never get bored, that’s what children from 6 to 12 years old need. The professionals in charge of the animation of this club then offer activities that are a little out of the ordinary. Although most children love football, dancing, the Olympics, treasure hunts and sports tournaments as well as trips to the swimming pool and the beach are also very interesting. They will also enjoy outings outside the campsite, under the supervision of the activity leaders. Other entertainment such as creative workshops, theater and cooking classes are also offered at the kids’ club.

The teen club for young people over 12 years old

Most teens aren’t too keen on going on a family vacation. They prefer independence, autonomy and above all much more time with friends. To meet this need, the teen club in a campsite hires instructors capable of giving them an exceptional adventure. Game area, treasure hunt, trip to the beach or to the water park, sports tournaments, dance workshops, video game tournaments, theater lessons, board game tournaments and other entertaining and fun activities are offered there. Some campsites also organize supervised evenings to make the stay even more memorable.


Choose a campsite offering several outdoor activities

For the holidays, everyone wants to have time for themselves, to rest and enjoy a good moment of relaxation. Also, it is necessary that each member of the family finds happiness during a camping trip. The best thing is to invest in higher benefits, but rich in activity, especially for children. Among the most frequent activities are petanque tournaments, archery, mountain outings, outdoor games such as slides and inflatable structures, tree climbing, orienteering, night fishing with an electric lamp, visiting a farm, cycling or mountain biking, etc. The availability of these activities may vary depending on the dates of the stay. Also, it is necessary to be well informed before making the reservation.

Plan activities to do as a family

It’s true that mom and dad want to have a little peace, but holidays are also made to spend the most time with family, right? To get together as a family, there is nothing better than spending time together having fun. You can then plan outdoor activities with your children: discover the beach and the seaside together if there are any near the campsite, swim, discover the inflatable play structures and slides together, play kite, etc

If your budget allows it, why not plan go-karting, sailing, mini-golf at night, paddleboarding or even jet skiing and horse or pony rides, etc. Otherwise, indoor activities such as table tennis, table football, billiards and darts as well as board games are also very pleasant to play with the family. Camping Le Bellevue offers various activities that you can do as a family during your stays at the campsite in Vendée.


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