How to prepare for your stay in a camping village?

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If you want to spend your next vacation in a camping village alone or with your children, you should prepare in advance. This is the key to a successful stay. How to organize to go on holiday in a camping village? How to choose the campsite and what budget to plan? Discover our 5 tips.


Choose the destination and gather all the information


Going on vacation is very rewarding, especially for those who love travel and adventure. But before embarking on this adventure, you must make the right choice of destination. It varies according to your needs, your situation and your budget. If you are going on vacation with your children and you are looking to satisfy the needs of each member of your family, you will appreciate the offers offered by Camping Le Bellevue in Vendée. Close to the Belle-Henriette beach in La Tranche sur Mer, this camping village offers rentals adapted to your budget and your needs. Several services such as shops and grocery stores are open on site to make your life easier. Even if this campsite is close to the seaside resorts, it has an aquatic area which is accessible to all holidaymakers. If you choose this location, learn about the area to facilitate preparation, establish your schedule and plan all activities and other outings.


Make the reservation in advance


In order to guarantee the success of your camping village holiday, try to find your place well in advance. To make the right choice of campsite, you must define all your needs and expectations. It should be noted that the village campsites located in the same region do not offer the same activities. The goal is therefore to know whether the available activities (sport, beach, swimming pool, entertainment, visits to historical monuments, etc.) correspond or not to your expectations. This choice seems more and more difficult during a family trip, because each individual has their own interests. For a successful stay in a camping village, you will have to satisfy everyone. After evaluating your needs, you can request quotes to find out the price and reserve your place. This is a crucial step if you are traveling with family or friends. When you know the cost of your next trip, all you have to do is save to finance it.


Bring the appropriate equipment


In recent times, most holidaymakers have chosen to stay at a campsite in order to take advantage of well-appointed and equipped accommodation, entertainment and numerous leisure facilities. Mobile homes, chalets, cabins, lodge tents…camping villages offer different types of rental accommodation to meet all requirements. You will therefore have the opportunity to swim, sunbathe, take advantage of the very large space to take a short walk or even to barbecue. Many leisure facilities and events are also planned in a camping village to entertain you. However, you must be well equipped for a successful camping holiday. Don’t forget to bring seasonal clothes, a first aid kit, backpacks and toiletries. On the other hand, you are no longer obliged to bring bed linen and towels, a tent, dishes; because the accommodations are already equipped. If during your vacation you plan to go scuba diving or hiking, don’t forget to pack extra gear. Remember that these accessories and materials will take up space in your car.


Find out about the weather


During the last week before your departure, remember to consult the weather forecast during your stay. It’s a small detail, but it will help you know what to fill your travel bags with. The weather forecast will also help you reorganize your journey, your activities and those of your children. If you are on a road trip, knowing the weather will allow you to understand the state of the road and anticipate any delays caused by fog or rain. If you are traveling by plane, the weather forecast is an indication of possible flight delays or cancellations.


Pack your bags and enjoy your stay in the camping village


This is the last straight line before the scheduled departure. To minimize the chances of forgetting something, we advise you to establish a checklist of your camping things:

  • appropriate clothing,
  • pair of shoes,
  • The map of the region,
  • The first aid kit…

Try to distribute the weight in the boxes and do not take too many personal items. You should also think about the space that your luggage will occupy in your vehicle. To make this moment more fun, involve the children. They will love this step. Finally, remember to organize yourself for food and water, not to mention garbage bags for waste.


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