The benefits of a family camping trip

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Are you looking for the ideal accommodation solution to spend a great holiday with your children? The family camping stay has everything to please you. This option has been on the rise in recent years and is the ideal solution if you want to save money. Here are the top seven benefits of a family camping vacation.


Save your money


A tight budget shouldn’t be a reason to give up family vacations. The camping trip is a better option to travel cheaply and save money. Thanks to camping, you can reduce certain costs, especially those related to accommodation. Camping is much cheaper than renting a room, hotel or motel. Depending on your desires, you have the choice between camping in a tent, in a chalet or in a mobile home. The latter are already equipped with a kitchen to prepare delicious meals. This does not prevent you from going to restaurants to enjoy good food.


Sleep in original accommodation


If you prefer a real bed to sleep in, family campsites like Le Bellevue campsite offer different solutions. Mobile homes, huts, tents on traditional pitches…there is something for everyone. All the proposed solutions put stars in the eyes of your children. Try to identify their need to maximize their arousal level. If you want to sleep in a tent, the equipment professionals have modernized everything. The tents deploy easily without letting in daylight. You won’t have to worry about back pain that could disrupt your stay, as the mattresses and pillows have been well selected to provide you with idyllic nights.


Develop a sense of responsibility and autonomy


If you want to develop your children’s autonomy and sense of responsibility, camping holidays are the best solution. To achieve this, you must let your children experiment. This is the first step towards autonomy. When the camping date is fixed, give each member of your family a task: transporting luggage, preparing meals during the trip, preparing the picnic, etc. Also take advantage of the holidays to find out if your child will be able to make his own lunch and find solutions to deal with small problems. Since you are present, you can help them, without doing things for them so that they become resourceful.


Enjoy a moment of conviviality


Family camping is synonymous with conviviality. At a campsite, young and old can easily make new friends. Nothing prevents you from sharing an aperitif, organizing a short trip to discover the region, playing a game of pétanque with the other families present there. For your children, they will surely have the pleasure of sharing their experiences with their new friends and playing with them.

Living outdoors and getting in touch with nature


Family camping is a perfect way to disconnect from all cell phones and electronic devices. By choosing a hosting solution that is not equipped with a television set, your children will not have the opportunity to watch television and play video games. You will therefore have time to get in touch with nature, to contemplate the environment that surrounds you and to participate in the various activities offered around the camp. If you choose the Le Bellevue camp in Vendée, you have the possibility of practicing aquatic activities, hiking or horseback riding, discovering historical monuments, etc.


Bonding and having a good time with your children


Have you spent less time with your loved ones in recent years? Take advantage of camping holidays to make up for lost time and to forge new bonds with your spouse and children. By the sea, in the heart of nature and far from the hassles of everyday life, camping means spending time surrounded by nature and with loved ones to have fun, run, swim and sleep under the stars. This option offers you a very friendly atmosphere that exudes serenity and absolute calm. Due to its configuration and its activities, the campsite offers the possibility for all the members of your family to take part in all the activities. It is a true paradise for discovering and rediscovering your loved ones. Opting for family camping is therefore the guarantee of spending unforgettable moments with your family. Relaxation, emotions and laughter await you.


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