The benefits of a green environment

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Contact with nature is simply beneficial for mental and physical health. If stress and depression invade you or if you suffer from a certain illness, consider taking a short walk in the forest or a break in a green garden to solve the problem. Here are the 7 benefits of a setting rich in greenery on your health and well-being.


The three benefits of a green environment


It soothes the body and mind

The green environment brings calm and zenitude. This is why you need to find it regularly. You do not have to take a long trip, because a simple walk in the forest or a hike in the heart of nature is enough. Indeed, when you find yourself in the middle of the forest and under the presence of calm, great miracles occur in your body and in your mind. This little escape calms your mind and helps you deal with the little difficulties of everyday life. Beyond the benefits of physical activities, the calm and the green environment improve blood circulation and reduce blood pressure. At the level of the brain, the reduction of ambient stimuli makes it possible to remain active.


It promotes creativity

The walk in nature, the leaves of the trees which crack under the feet as well as the swimming in white waters allow you to be more positive and more creative. When you find yourself in nature, you are automatically interested in the small details and the simplest things. This little attention you give to the environment around you stimulates your imagination. It is perhaps for this reason that the great writers, philosophers and painters are keen on hiking and mountain walks. These sports activities reduce psychological fatigue, help fight stress and free the mind of all negative thoughts. If you want to get more creative, now might be a good time to put on your shoes and prepare for your next green hike.


It offers you a little break in peace

In addition to the difficult balance between family life and professional life, busy schedules do not allow you to give yourself a minute a day to relax. In a green environment in the middle of nature, you will have the opportunity to treat yourself to a little break out of time. Whether it’s a garden, a green space in your workplace, a park or a forest, you have to take your time, if only a few minutes. For your next summer vacation, we advise you to try camping in the heart of nature. Le Bellevue campsite in Vendée is a place conducive to rest and discovery. During your stay, you will discover a new culture, without cluttering your schedule. It is also an opportunity to learn about the history of the region, its monuments, its beautiful places and to meet the locals and their way of life. Since this campsite is located near the beautiful beaches in Vendée and the forests, it is also the best time to enjoy nature and its benefits.


The four practices to enjoy the benefits of the green environment


To go camping

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of the green environment on your health, know that you do not have to go far. Camping at a campground in your area will bring you many benefits. Birdsong, the sound of trees and the sunset promote relaxation. Whether you are a camping enthusiast or adventurer, take a good dose of fresh air and appreciate the green color of the trees and vegetation that surrounds you to release your stress. For total disconnection, don’t forget to put your cell phone in airplane mode.


Treat yourself to a stroll in a flower garden

Whether in your yard, in your workplace or in the community garden, a little break in a flower garden is good for the spirit. This will help clear your mind of any negative thoughts. Nothing prevents you from taking care of plants to be in better connection with nature. After a long day of work or during the weekend, these places remain at your entire disposal.


Learn to seize every opportunity

Around you, there are surely green spaces where you will have access. A break during working hours, a picnic at lunchtime, a walk with friends or family members…being in the middle of a green space will do you good. If you have enough space at home, nothing better than creating a green corner for reading and meditation.


Practice hiking

Trekking and hiking trips stimulate and revive the body and mind. It is increasingly practiced by the French because of its accessibility, the different options it offers and its many health benefits. Walking in the forest reduces stress, negative thoughts and stress. It improves blood circulation and boosts the immune system. Hiking in the heart of the forest also promotes connection to the present moment. All of this helps you sleep better.

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