The benefits of camping holidays?

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Do you want to experience a unique, fabulous and unforgettable vacation? Why not try camping trips? In recent years, this practice has seduced holidaymakers, because there are several formulas adapted to all budgets and for all tastes. Overview of the main reasons that motivate holidaymakers to orient their choice towards camping holidays.


Camping holidays – a very economical choice


Camping holidays are accessible to everyone. If you dream of an unforgettable week of vacation, without breaking the bank, choose this option. Compared to other forms of accommodation, such as renting a hotel room, camping holidays allow you to make significant savings. If you book a tent, you should prepare an average budget of €20 per night. If you want to rent a mobile home from Camping Le Bellevue, in Vendée, plan a budget between €450 to €750 for a one-week stay. The number of people and the level of comfort have an influence on the price. Tent, mobile home, chalet or bungalow, the different rental options available and the rates offered are a great alternative for enjoying a moment of relaxation and escape in a pleasant setting, while saving money.

Camping stays to relax in nature


If you want to spend more time outdoors and be closer to nature, camping holidays are for you. Whether it is for children, for young people or for adults, it is a best solution to relax in a calm and soothing environment. The natural setting will help you eliminate stress and recharge your batteries during your stays. It is true that the level of comfort of campsites is not the same as that offered by high-end hotels or other accommodation solutions. However, all the elements that are around help you disconnect from everything and experience a moment of change of scenery. It should be noted that, if you are planning a camping holiday in the Vendée, Camping Le Bellevue is located near the seaside resorts which will not lack charm to brighten up your stay.

Spend the holidays camping to enjoy the many activities available


In a campsite, various activities are offered, in friendly places. Various free activities are also available to entertain and occupy adults and children. If you are going as a family, you can spend your weekends playing board games or doing activities together with your children. If you spend your holidays with your friends, you will have a wide choice of leisure and activities to end each day in style. In any case, camping holidays give you the opportunity to meet great people. To make your stay more fun and pleasant, Le Bellevue campsite offers various other activities. You will have access to a heated aquatic area, a paddling pool and playgrounds. You can also camp by the sea in mobile homes or on traditional pitches.


Camping to develop autonomy and confidence in children


More or less similar to a summer camp, camping trips help children gain more autonomy and confidence. They make a discovery and evolve much more. Throughout the stay, you will observe new skills in them. They will learn to interact with other children, to share with them and to resolve their conflicts themselves. If you have a child who is struggling socially or academically, camping holidays can help them resolve the issue and open up to the world around them.


Camping to strengthen ties with your family


With the various activities available on site, camping holidays are a better way to recharge your batteries as a family. Common activities are highlighted and you can vary the activities to encourage exchange and discussion. But the simple act of sitting and talking around a table or campfire is also a great way to bond. The little ones will be able to express their feelings and their experiences during the day. This moment of sharing sets the mood and motivates to exchange experiences. To make your vacation a real success, we advise you to turn off your cell phone or take a break. You will easily fall asleep at dusk and wake up refreshed at sunrise. This somewhat drastic change promotes the circadian rhythm and improves the quality of your sleep. This also provides an ultimate feeling of well-being.

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