Unusual places in Vendée

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For the summer holidays, we offer a small selection of unusual places to discover in Vendée. Surprising just like the others, visiting these places will make your stay with family or friends unforgettable.


Veillon beach and its dinosaur tracks


One of the Vendée beaches is known for the presence of dinosaur tracks. This is the Veillon beach, in Talmont-Saint-Hilaire. It is a remarkable geological site in Vendée and well worth a visit. On this beach, more than 2,000 dinosaur footprints have been recorded. These are vestiges of the secondary era, which justify the presence of a dozen species of dinosaurs in this place, citing only the Eubrontes veillonensis and the Grallator of the Coelurosaurian type. The first is a 3-meter-tall giant that has three sharp claws at the end of its fingers. The second is a herbivorous species identical to a Cretaceous Iguanodon. These traces are particularly visible, at low tide, on the fossilized slabs of the rocky flat off the Veillon beach. Besides this beach, you can also visit Dino’s Park during your stay. This is a dinosaur themed amusement park. It is located in Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez in Vendée where you will discover life-size tyrannosaurs implanted in their natural environment.


The Abbey of Île-Chauvet for a moment of calm and serenity


The Abbey of Île-Chauvet is a unique site that appears in the list of unusual places to visit in Vendée. It is a former Benedictine monastery from the first half of the 12th century which is located on an island, in the middle of the marsh, in the town of Bois-de-Céné. Classified as a historical monument, it presents very interesting architectural remains. There is the abbey church in the Romanesque style, characterized by its magnificent portal with five pointed arch arches. Then the monks’ dormitory with a carved frame. After its restoration, it is transformed into a museum where you can see the models of the old abbey and that of the hydraulic network of the marsh. There is also another building that houses the old pilgrims’ dormitory.


The Château d’Olonne and its deep fault dug into the cliff


Also called the Well of Hell, this deep fault dug on the rocky coast of Château d’Olonne is a geological curiosity. For centuries to this day, this deep flaw continues to feed the most macabre rumors. In 1949, for example, a tied up corpse locked in a wicker trunk was found in this cliff. In addition to this case which hit the headlines, other legends tell that everything that falls into this cliff disappears forever. What’s worse is that during heavy storms, cries of a drowned person are heard when the waves rush into the rocks. Above all else, this amazing place is very crowded at low tide, as it offers stunning views of the ocean.

The short walk in the narrowest street in the world


The narrowest street in the world, called Rue de l’Enfer in Les Sables d’Olonne is located in Vendée. With a width of 40 cm, it connects rue des Halles to rue de la Patrie. It should be noted that the town of Les Sables d’Olonne has different types of atypical streets, but it is the rue de l’Enfer which is listed in the Guinness des Records. This name comes from a tale that tells the story of an old sailor and a demonic black cat. The latter descends like a fireball down this street. It should be noted that during the summer period, the rue de l’Enfer becomes a real tourist boulevard.


The Bois de la Chaize and the Plage aux Dames


If you are planning a walk on the Ile de Noirmoutier, do not forget to take a short trip to the Bois de la Chaize. Located in the northeast part of the island, it stands out for its typical Mediterranean vegetation. You will find holm oaks, maritime pines, mimosas and strawberry trees. This 110-hectare forest is also home to villas that enhance the rocky nature of the coast. Admirable and beautiful, it is the best place if you want to take a short walk and appreciate the cliff which is cut into a succession of sandy coves and rocky points. You can also admire the beautiful Plage aux Dames which is none other than the postcard beach of the Island of Noirmoutier. It is located in the Bois de la Chaize and is overlooked by typical trees and superb villas.

To discover all these wonderful and unusual places in Vendée, the Le Bellevue campsite welcomes you with these different types of accommodation. You will find the comfort and pleasure of a real camping holiday.


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